IP17 GNS: Keeping Kids Learning From Home.

The most recent news indicates that children may not be going back into the classroom for several weeks, so remote learning is here to stay for the foreseeable.  Having a laptop or tablet at home is crucial for pupils to access their lessons, complete their work & communicate with their teachers and social workers.

Children’s Commissioner data suggests that 9% of families in the UK do not have access to any device at all, add to this the thousands of parents working from home & having to share their devices with school-aged children.  Many parents are in the tricky position of needing to maintain an income to stay afloat, whilst still having time & resources to home-school their children.

Children with no access to devices or the internet are able to attend school so they can still continue their learning.  But with infections rates still so high it’s a risk many parents are worried to take.

IP17 GNS are joining the gap between families in need and spare, unused devices gathering dust in people’s homes.  We’re taking donations from the public & working with local schools to deliver them where they’re needed most, giving pupils & parents more control over their learning & keeping learners engaged during a difficult time.

At IP17 GNS, we’re lucky to have a volunteer, Rob who’s a computer whizz, checking over each donated device & making them ready for use.  So even if you think your laptop needs updates it’s worth seeing if it can be used.

If you have a device you’d like to donate please make sure, for your own security, that any personal data is wiped, before dropping it off at The Town House between 10am-2pm Monday to Friday. As of today; we’ve received & re-homed around 25 devices so an enormous THANK YOU to Rob & everyone who has helped so far.