Funky Fridays: Summer drumming fun in Saxmundham

Last week the first of four ‘Funky Fridays’ organised by IP17GNS took place. Throughout the school holidays, children aged 5+ are invited to a series of workshops targeting creativity, togetherness and, most importantly, fun!

As a community organisation we are painfully aware of just how much the pandemic has affected under 18s.  After 18 months of home-learning, missing their friends, vigilance against virus and uncertainty IP17GNS are offering a series of enrichment activities.  We wanted to reward local youngsters’ resilience by putting fun and silliness back on the menu. 

The first session kicked off with a drumming and dance workshop.  Using djembes and other percussion instruments children joined in with a layered drumming rhythm before writing their own phrases to add in.  With George’s help the group put together 10 minute long piece of music which they then incorporated freestyle dance into.  Bev’s dance workshop was a great opportunity for children to move creatively & showcase some signature moves!

The morning culminated in a high-energy performance of the dance and drumming compositions together.  The audience was small (mostly parents, helpers and those curious people who popped their head in after hearing our drummers) but very impressed!  Delighted Saxmundham shoppers reported hearing the children’s rhythms along the high street & lots stopped by to offer words of encouragement.

Lunch was provided courtesy of our volunteers who whipped up a picnic of sandwiches, snacks, fruit and cake.  The children also enjoyed a very brief playtime in Sax’cess House garden before the heavens opened & we headed back to the Market Hall for our afternoon activity.

After an energetic morning, the kids were pleased with a change of pace in the afternoon and sat down to some creative craft activities.  They painted plaster models and made imagined creatures from polystyrene spheres.

At 3pm we sent our group of tired children home with their parents, looking forward to seeing them all again for the next Funky Friday installment.  This week we have 34 children booked in for clowning fun & we can’t wait!