IP17 Good Neighbour Scheme

IP17 Good Neighbour Scheme (IP17GNS) is a charity run by volunteers to support people in Saxmundham, Kelsale, Carlton, Benhall and Sternfield through the coronavirus lockdown and beyond.
Our aim is to provide practical support and neighbourly friendship and encouragement through this time which is challenging for everyone.


Food and essential supplies

  • Collection and drop off of essential shopping if you can’t get out – you can pay with a card. We can also collect Waitrose click and collect orders
  • If you’ve run out of funds because the lockdown has stopped you working and/or your support payments haven’t arrived, we can drop off free essential supplies 
  • We’ve set up emergency food points in Sax, Kelsale and Benhall where you can help yourself to essentials
  • We can make food bank referrals if you need support in the longer term

Fresh/frozen ready meals

  • In partnership with The Bell Hotel in Saxmundham, we’ve created a range of nutritionally-balanced ready meals for home delivery at £15 for seven or £2.50 each.


  • We can collect and drop off prescriptions for people who aren’t able to get out to the chemist.
  • We can help with online prescription requests.

Phone buddies

  • If you’re feeling isolated and lonely, IP17GNS can arrange for you to be part of our phone buddy scheme, with regular calls from one of our volunteers to cheer you up.

For help and to order food, use the form on this site or call 0333 335 5266


If you have a couple of hours a week to spare and would be happy to answer calls or be a phone buddy, please get in touch.

All phone volunteers work from home and receive training and support. 
We also need volunteer drivers to deliver food and prescriptions – you’d be on call for just one or two days a week.
There is no age limit.

To volunteer, please text 07849 139 510


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