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We know this time will pass but let’s do the best we can for one another now and in the future. IP17GNS will continue to serve our community way beyond this crisis with your continued support.

We believe we all need to come together and do what we can for our local community, especially those of you WHO have no immediate family, friends or neighbours on hand to help.

IP17GNS is part of the wider Suffolk Good Neighbour Network.


The following services are designed principally for those of you with no one to turn to should you become ill due to coronavirus, especially those of you who are particularly vulnerable (maybe you are over 70 or have underlying health conditions) and need to self-isolate at home.

Currently we are available to collect prescriptions, offer phone support, dog walking and arrange for essential food supplies to be delivered.

Please note we do not have professional financial expertise. If you have money problems due to the loss of income or restrictions imposed due to coronavirus, or need advice on benefits over the coming weeks, you should contact your usual providers – DWP, your bank or credit card company, or the Saxmundham Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) – 01728 832 193.

How to connect with IP17GNS

All you need to do is call the
Help Team on 0333 335 5266 or the Volunteer Team on 07849 139510

Help is here and one of our approved volunteers will make contact with you to understand your position, establish your needs and provide the right support as quickly as possible.

There is of course plenty of advice available online via the NHS, Public Health England and the BBC. And, as advised by the Government in times of emergency, you should listen to Radio Suffolk for important local announcements


We are assembling our volunteer force now, so if you are aged 18 – 60, are in good health and would like to help your neighbours, please let us know.

We will also be accepting donations of food and other items to support vulnerable individuals and families.


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