90th Birthday Surprise

A vital role of the IP17 Good Neighbour Scheme is to look out for those in our community who are shielding or self-isolating. The impact of the lockdown can be just as severe on our mental wellbeing as it can for our physical or economic health. So when we received a call from Canada, the community leapt into action.

One of our service users turned 90 on VE Day – his party had been cancelled due to lockdown so a load of us went to wish him a happy birthday. THANK YOU to all who came to sing. Happy Birthday rang out loud and clear.

Here’s the delighted message from his daughter in Canada who couldn’t be with him.

Thank you so much,….to you and the others! My Dad is beyond delighted! He was so surprised! You are all such lovely people, and you have made an old man very happy! He has been so lonely. A big party had been planned and of course, that had to be cancelled. What you did today was a beautiful act of kindness and generosity. Thank you! I am so grateful. Bless you all. ❤